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TwoKinds Online - Halloween 2021

The spooky Halloween event is live!


Eek, a ghost!! Keep an eye out for a certain ghost by the tavern, she has a few things she needs help with. Fight some skeletons and get special spooky...

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Posted on Tuesday, 12 October 2021

TwoKinds Online - Item Stacks and Other Changes

It is update time!

Nonlethal Damage and Unconsciousness

You are less likely to die fighting normal creatures. Now if your health goes below 0 you fall unconscious and you can revive in town. Only...

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Posted on Tuesday, 28 September 2021

TwoKinds Online - AI Improvements

Hi there, it is update time! We are excited to bring you AI changes and improved game stability. No more jumping foxes!

AI Improvements

After a lot of investigation, the lag spikes plaguing the...

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Posted on Wednesday, 08 September 2021

TwoKinds Online - More Combat Changes

More combat progress! Weapons have sharpness, Fireballs can be aimed, and poses were made.


while working on bows, we fixed fireball aiming! Now it should be easier to aim the fireball and...

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Posted on Tuesday, 24 August 2021

TwoKinds Online - Photo Mode and Lag

Here are some bug fixes and photo mode!

Photo Mode

Photo mode gives you a free floating camera to move around and take pictures with! You can access photo mode by entering /photomode in the chat....

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Posted on Monday, 09 August 2021

TwoKinds Online - New Combat

Hi everyone, big changes to combat! Other changes include NPC factions, animation system overhaul, and more! Due to time constraints, this is part one of the combat series updates.


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Posted on Saturday, 24 July 2021

Ask The Devs July Stream

It's been a while so join us for a developer stream! Kaz and Judah will be answering live questions in chat and questions from Discord, so ask your questions now in the Discord #ask-the-devs channel.


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Posted on Thursday, 08 July 2021