Stacker With Physics


Cookie Dragon Games
Based in San Diego, California

Release date:
July 19, 2015

Windows, Web


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Made for Indie Vs Gamers Jam


Inspired by Tetris, this game gets chaotic as pieces fall around, bounce, and twist in unusual ways.

Based on a smaller 1 day prototype made years before. #indiesvsgamers game jam lead the game to a new with better blocks and different physics materials. Pieces can be normal, ice, or rubber which causes the blocks to move in interesting ways.

Move Block - A D or ← →
Rotate - ↑ ↓


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Indies Vs Gamers Jam

About Cookie Dragon Games

Cookie Dragon Games is a small independent game studio of part time game developers. Judah Perez and Peter Rose are software engineers by day, game developers by night.

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Stacker With Physics Credits

Judah Perez
Development, Cookie Dragon Games

❤️ Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail