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Twokinds Online is an online mmorpg based on the webcomic, TwoKinds!

Twokinds Online brings to life the world of the comic where you can live a fantasy life. The game focuses on community interaction, item crafting through minigames, commerce, and exploring the world. Leave your legacy by retiring and passing your skills on to a new character.


The game is a virtual world built using Unity and SpatialOS.


Job Based Questing System
Jobs for different buildings/shops based on time of day. Bakery needs bread made in the morning, materials for cooking in the afternoon for the next day. Merchant's Guild needs goods moved or rare items. Player's can also generate quests for themselves or their Guild. Usually raw materials, items, hunting.

Player Economy
Player selling goods from their shop can set the price with recommended market prices. Goods will be listed in current kingdom's currency with currency exchangers facilitating currency exchanges for current relative values.

Player Housing
All but the main city buildings can be owned by players or their guild, and can be rebuilt or expanded. Zoning will make sure there are always shops and other building types to be available for other players to use.

Crafting keeps the economy going by creating new goods. Minigame focused using crafting stations and tools. Minigames determine success and quality of items.

Skills based, class-less combat system. Will have to watch out for stun locking, focused more on one-on-one combat.

Level resets on death, skill pass on to the next generation. Allows for character name and appearance changes between lives.


Twokinds, the webcomic has won Ursa Major Awards in 2010 and 2016


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About Cookie Dragon Games

Cookie Dragon Games is a small independent game studio of part time game developers. Judah Perez and Peter Rose are software engineers by day, game developers by night.

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TwoKinds Online Credits

Judah Perez
Development, Cookie Dragon Games

Peter Rose
Development, Cookie Dragon Games

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