Twokinds Online - Forest Update

Posted by Cookie Dragon Games on April 22, 2019 Twokinds Game

It's update time! A whole lot of environment stuff has been added!

Trees, plants, bushes, rocks

There's a lot of trees now.

So many plants now, you can hide in bushes! Hopefully this does not lead to to many performance issues... There are now settings graphics for turing down the foilage and lower framerates will be optimized for.



These changes took the bulk of the update. Characters are now stored on the PlayFab service, however this broke a few things. Inventory is not saved at the moment, player stats are going to be a bit weird, and loading characters is now a multi-step process. This loading process meant some work had to be moved up, and some extra particle effects were added when loading in the character. If your character is not correct at first, wait until the glowing circle is gone and then your character will be fully loaded. More changes on the way.


Other Changes


Known Bugs


Characters Are Loading Randomly

Characters are not loading correctly and show random characters.

Edit- Seems to be working now. May need a server reboot to fix next time.


Character Position Desync

Server positions are not entirely synced yet. If you cannot see your friend, try resetting your position by jumping off a cliff.


Clothing not loading on Character Select

Still working on this.


Server Freezing

Cause is still unknown, but the server froze up after idling a bit. Please report if your character does not load so the server can be reset. Discord or the Forum.