TwoKinds Online - Halloween Event

Posted by Judah Perez on October 22, 2019 Twokinds Game Event Halloween update

Here comes a spooky update! We changed the fog, added some darkness, and found some foxes.

Day/Night Cycle

There is now a day night cycle with weather changes.


The foxes have changed! They are now dangerous witches and need to be stopped. Make sure to try the halloween quest to get a cool foxy witch hat.

TwoKinds Comic 16th Anniversary

It's the comic's 16th anniversary! You can collect a party hat to celebrate in the town. And make sure to check out the comic if you haven't at


Something is wrong with the MacOs build and is missing at this time. It causes a hard crash for the editor. Hopefully it won't be gone for long. For now the update is for Windows online.

Other Changes And More


This was a bug during development. Very aggressive training dummies.

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