New Wiki and Sunsetting the Forum

Posted by Judah Perez on December 20, 2020 Site Twokinds Game wiki forum

Some site news, we have a new wiki and we are getting rid of the forum!


We have a new community wiki! We intent to include public game design pages, item, skill, and quest information there. We hope in the future other players will add guides and tips for where to find items or how to complete quests. Currently, I am filling in a few design and item pages a day until the wiki contains the full documentation for the game.


Unfortunately, our forums never saw much use so we are closing them down. They never grew like our Discord which is why we decided to remove them and instead focus on Discord and our wiki instead.   The game community is pretty active on Discord so check it out if you haven't! Once we are active on Steam, we will use the forum there for bug reporting and anything else forums are used for.

Check out Discord for discussion