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A class project from 2014


Oculus Rift (Made on DK1)

Razer Hydra Motion Controllers (Hard to find now)

You can pickup items by holding the left or right trigger and then either fight monsters by going into a simple dungeon or mine a little deposit behind the building. Smithing requires ore to be thrown into the furnace, hit with a hammer when hot, and eventually it turns into ingots. The process of making a weapon is the same requiring heating and hammering. It is a really simple game for a school project that was never finished but it was a fun thing to do with the Rift and the Hydra.


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About Cookie Dragon Games

Cookie Dragon Games is a small independent game studio of part time game developers. Judah Perez and Peter Rose are software engineers by day, game developers by night.

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Judah Perez

❤️ Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail