TwoKinds Online - Lets Quest Update

Posted by judah4 on September 02, 2019 Twokinds Game quests

Quests! Really simple quests, but quests are now being worked on!


The quests are very simple right now, but there are quests for:

More variety will be added as game mechanics are completed.

New Resource Gathering Methods

Gathering wood at dedicated stations just wasn't cutting it, so now you can chop on all the trees! It's simple, but you can now gather wood from trees. You can also gather tree branches and small stones without tools from the the trees and rocks. There's no limit to the wood gather yet, so more work will be done on the resource gather systems. We'll also be adding berry bushes and other items to gather.

Non-Player Characters

NPC's are back! Dummies can be attacked and defeated, and there is a fox hunting quest that sort of works. The creatures don't react to being hit yet, but they can be killed.

New Islands

The starting location has been moved to out of the fog. This should improve the starting experience from the confusion the fog was causing.

There also is a new town being built.

Tanning Minigame and Other Crafting Improvements

Changes to the tanning minigame! It's been improved to be faster and easier to complete. Some of the design notes can be found on ko-fi.

There's also been changes so a few basic items can be crafted without a crafting station. Most of these items are going to be simple to put together. Currently, the items that can be made without a crafting station are the stone hand axe and stone pickaxe. The crafting options can be accessed from a button on the crafting page.

Text Dialogue

Sign dialogue is now in comic-style chat bubbles. It was shown in regular text boxes until now, and it feels much closer to the source, TwoKinds.

Next work is going to be adding the dialogue bubbles to player chat and npc interactions.

Other Changes

Check out Discord for discussion